Ride like a Jedi

Grab tighter your light saber and dont’ miss your stop. This is how Japan met a advertising campaign of the “The Complete Star Wars Saga”  in Blu-ray.

Here is a tiny home assignment for you: calculate approximate impact this ad would have, knowing that fact that millions of passengers use Japanese metro on a daily basis…

Detailed statistics: Annual subway passenger trips (2006): 1) Tokyo (2.9 billion); 2) Moscow (2.6 billion); 3) Seoul (2.4 billion); 4) New York City (1.5 billion); 5) Mexico City (1.4 billion); 6) Paris (1.4 billion); 7) London (971 million);  Osaka (880 million); 9) Hong Kong (867 million); 10) St. Petersburg (810 million).

“It is the first time that the hand rails have been used in an advertising campaign in Japan, and is a fantastic use of promotional real estate. The effect is very well thought out and was generating a bit of chatter on the train amongst those riding.”

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