Master of curves

A little bit Curly

He is a talented ukrainian artist, philosopher and and hopefully one day will become officially a writer

( Himself, he would deny any of those titles).

Andrei builds canvas of words like he curls those famous curves of his. The worst question ever that you could ever ask him: “ Where does a source of your inspiration lie ?”
I think he’s world known by now, but he rejects any kind of praise and awards.  A term of “graphic art” itself would  be too narrow to describe that original sphere of  his type-experiments.

Andrei uses various kind of materials to project his truly genuine ideas (believe it or not most of the projects starts from a napkin sketches and simple ball pen) .


Scha style,

What is it all about?

 Passion, is the only word that I have. Each and every character is driven by love of art.

It is a life-long vocation that one man was lucky to find in this world

Rare case, don’t you think?

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