Caution! 100% girly content

Downloading soundtrack from Drive I had this idea of integrating two things together : my favourite series of witty postcards flying around the net these days

and the message  Ryan Gosling is fcuking HOT!  Go and see that movie!

Just in case you didn’t know that or have any doubts on that matter

And here is what I’ve got in 5 minutes of clicking in Photoshop. (Oh, NO! I used Helvetica again!)

This week started with the discussion about the use of the typeface in Drive’s poster. On Friday I went to watch it  and ….Maaaan, this is A Movie to take its proud place in my DVD collection. Forget what they say about all that violence and blood, because the camera, light, sequences that they build with the music and slow motion (It’s pretty impressive how many new words, that I’ve learnt recently I actually use in a single sentence) is utterly brilliant. A real jewel in today’s trashy box-office.

Have a  quick look at this scene (see how the light goes down, creating a special intimacy, because afterwards u need to RUN  to the cinema and watch, what’s gonna happen next moment)

P.S a little goodie for you:

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