Challenge an owl

“Hell, those bastards with wallets full of money are getting younger (spend more time reading Facebook feed), more spoiled and more ignorant to any of ours sly attempts  to sell something to them!” But we’re smarter than them. “Panem Et Circenses!”  that even worked in ancient Greece.

This is a tiny preamble of how I see all these “creative advertising, customer’s engaging strategies”.  One powerful marketing hook of our time.  Social media is the medium.

I’ll give you an example.

Twister is Funny game that will cost you a Like! on Facebook. Attention! basic knowledge of Spanish is required: “jugar”- “play”, “encende tu web cam clickeando aqui”- “turn on you cam, clicking here” .

Created by guys from BBDO, Argentina. It’s you against a little owl. the challge is who will stay longer without without blinking, because this very special owl has got superpowers from that special drink “The Pachamama” (capacity to go hours without blinking!)

Result: My best score: 10 seconds. Played and unfriended (Sorry, wise Pachamama!)



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