1984 by a Digital native

Let me clear one thing from the very beginning: I’m a pessimist, or may be a realist with an unauthorised doze of sarcasm. But I’m also a digital native, generation Z and floppy disk sound makes me feel nostalgic.

So once the question like “Internet is making us dumber”  is set, I struggle to find the exact answer I tear myself apart. Having all that power of knowledge on the tip of your fingers makes you feel smarter. But what happens when you laptop hard drive crashes?  Where all that superiority over machine is gone?

What is the first thing to do when you don’t know the answer? Google it! (To be more specific Generation Z prefers to “Google scholar it”): myriad of articles and researches of notorious psychologists, great expectations and predictions:” We’re all standing at the edge of Digital era. Time of unlimited opportunities…”

I don’t feel myself that smart anymore, I feel more like a guinea pig.


Because it is me. And it is really happening with me. Learning patterns, filtering of information. I taught my brain to filter to read through the line to skim the pages.  I look for the simplified, short review, condensed meaning.  Text should be bold when important, additional notes or emotive comments in italics or in different color. Still booooring, get me more MORE visuals, infographics preferably!  (I almost  hear, somebody’s whispering over my shoulder ‘This is what we call de-gra-dation, Alina…’)

Caramba! My time perceiving pattern is broken too!

There is no month and seasons for me, only day and night and 24 hours is never enough (Could we do at least 30, pleaaase?) I’ve noticed how I constantly rush myself: “Wasting time, yo could do more! Look you just missed that and you haven’t even heard of that” Twitter syndrom? Help! I definitely accumulate stress because of that.


‘But I DO lots of stuff at the same time!’- I find myslef an excuse. I have my googel reader getting fatter with new feeds, my tumblr dashboard is begging to be read, 4 unanswered emails. I manipulate in the world of distractions. I once even tried to set a program that block all the internet browsing and twitter account, but felt like trying to put a straitjacket yourself. (I’m stronger than that, I can resist!) But it looks like I did a false service to myself;  I learned how to switch attention without an actual concentration:

-‘Hi everybody! I’m a distracted attention junkie…’

-‘Hi-i-i-i-i-i-i, Alina!’

Are there any positives in this spoiling our minds computerized era?

I believe, Motivation & Enthusiasm.They say Gen Z might not be the best workaholics but they do their best to get the result they need, even if you study the whole night before the exam; You are driven by the result and not only. You have this idea that you can jump higher, that you know something that other don’t know yet, you’ve seen it first and shared to others. You go further, you never stop!

Creativity by all means! It couldn’t be killed in me by google, whatever  picture search algorithm they have nowadays. With all the massive data of visual inspiration on some of the greatest web resources like
, Fubiz, Designcollector From the altitude ‘I can’tdrawineverwentoartschoolblah-blah-blah’ I went to the altitude ‘Yes, I CAN’. I don’t know how this mechanism works in my head but after visiting those resources, looking though various technics and artists, new trends and classics interpretations I have a flow of my own ideas. Of course they are all compilation of those visuals, so what?

The final verdict – ” I officially cancel 1984 digital scenario”.

I do at the end. You are probably tired of reading and I’ll summarize my main thought. Even though we play these games with the technologies we invented nobody has even explain the main technological wonder of homo digitulus that once known as homo sapiens,  our brain! Times might change and we might live in the world ruled by Facebook, but we’re not getting dumber we’re not degradating, we move to the different level, we adapt to these conditions. Our mind simply invents a new algorithms, if you want.Look at these geeky teens of nowadays, some of them know the basics of HTML as an ABC. It’s fascinating! If we can’t understand something, if changes are happening too quickly for us that doesn’t directly mean that its a step backwards. Or may be it is, but only to make two steps froward!

(until we all die from a meteorite. end of story =D)

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