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That was the second time I watched Helvetica Faces looks more familiar, I’m getting the designers jokes. (and whatever happens between today and March I’m going to see Sagmeister!)

Could the use of the typeface be abusive? Are we’re living in Helvetica’s hegemony?

Behind every piece of design lies its special meaning, 70% of the people that look at the piece would only judge it due to their personal preferences: “I like it”, “What a crap!” Only 20% of the folks would grin: “Yeah, Helvetica bold”. 5% of them would drag Iraq war and big corporation’s manipulation and would be right too. (Being too clever is scary and harmful for your health) But it’s still a damn.good.typeface.: Clear and Nice all the way round. So my answer is by the time we’ll have its decent substitution, use it wisely i.e:

Go and check the audience that will judge your work,  their taste & expectations.  Go and spend weeks torturing your creative imagination, coming up with THAT idea, read more books than blogs. And finally give your soul to any of the projects you do, anticipate and go beyond, even if its an ad for toilet spray.

Don’t go for easy way out:

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Class assignmenet

Weeekend is an excellent time to finish all the projects. Doing that I had 3rd episode of Glee as a background music. And what I wanted to say to you guys, something that works for me. A little trick, which my design teacher shared with me once.

If you feel like singning, crooning something while you are drawing, editing, doodling, don’t be ashamed of that.

P.S  Julia, probably thinks of me as a weirdo.

(Poor thing she sits next to me in a class and whatever I do I subconsciously start singing melodies from my head.)

Class assignment


  1. Tone
  2. Cirle & line
  3. Shape
  4. Color

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