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You stop it Alina, go and work!

I’m a huuuge faffing girl. When the work has to be done, suddenly I find a renewable energy website interesting, I get curious about the news in Ukraine, I dig my photo archives find an album I’ve already forgot and edit it. Creativity surpasses every logic of the desperate moment.
Radical thing to do-shut all the applications running, apart from text editor and block yourself from going on Tumblr.

Can the limit of time stimulate creative process?
Well, it definitely works for me

And here is my recent “fafff gallery”:
















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Patriotic photography

Since very long time I collect old photographs. Honestly speaking, I collect lots of things and very bad in organising them (if don’t want to have a hard attack, do not ever try to find something my hard drive)

I can spend the whole day at the flea market flicking through the piles of old pictures. In old times, pictures were taken for purpose. It wasn’t just a random pushing the button and then never printing that awful loads of useless snaps and  only stocking them in labyrinths of gigabytes. I think photography of nowadays lost its charm, sadly enough. In the way it exists today, it is either mainstream and average or venal, trying to push us something with its “polished” to ridicule Photoshop product.

My recent trouvaille is this beautiful collection of rare patriotic pictures from the times of WW I. Americans wanted to take a series of patriotic pictures evolving the collaboration of english & american artists, Arthur Mole and John D. And her is the result. Imagine the all the efforts that were done to get a single shot? (what if one of the soldiers sneezes at the right moment?)


More of this kind of photography art in this archive

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Give him a beer already!

Ouf! That was a tough week! ( but something tells me all the best fun is only on the way…)

Soooooo kids, for this weekend’s visual diary I’ve decided to leave arty-farty pics for a while and post something silly. (Hope you’ll excuse me for that)

Seems like this beer campaign, created by creatives from Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, Australia was a perfect match!

My favourite comments on it :

“It hurts to look at him, give him the beer already!” (Hadrons)

“Is there a reason as to why they used couples that look like they stepped out of the 70s?” (Baelin)


get inspired (flickr version)

If you haven’t seen the works of this guy… you haven’t ??? You must be joking.

Seriously? No clue?

I love the idea of the experimenting with font, giving a little bounce of colour and size contrast. Staying minimalistic in the way. Keeping it neat. (and just for the note: that doesn’t include Helvetica usage only).  I like messing  around with the vintage pictures and constant flickring through the ads archives like this one.

If you wonder how I find all this cool stuff and you still stay out tune, click on one of the GET INSPIRED tabs at the bottom of my blog. (Danger! Its massive time consuming territory)

/// btw my arty-farty friends you are also more than invited to my contact list

Hey girls, it smells like Paradise

Online gallery of fashion illustrations on magazine and book covers (constantly updated)

Treat yourself

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Piss off hipster’s – that’s my territory

Thanks to Davinia today I finally realised what’s the whole buzz happening at the moment about moustaches.

Out of the blue peeps would think it became SO funny! Girls would take web cam pictures and upload it on tumblr, the cream of the story and the latest trend (apparently!) is to make a tattoo at the one side back of your finger. Like that:

Hipsters are evading this world & Freddie doesn’t want to become average:

I know, they have a good shield, good excuse for that. They say its Movember! Have you heard about it?

During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. Seriously?

This young man doesn’t look like he’s  made an appointment at doctor’s. He thinks that he’s extremely cool …and lonley chicks would secretly press reblog at his pic:

I’m saying: “Stop That Derogatory Altitude To Moustaches. Go away hipsters, because everything you touch (like king Midas) becomes meaningless.

To sum it up – My visual manifest:

And for those who’re not in tune at first pic its really me

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totally Dublin


To tell the truth I was pretty impressed by the quality of Dublin’s event guide”Totally Dublin” (it’s a rare thing to see, believe it or not for the free print of this type) For two years of living in Paris I haven’t seen anything similar in three of theirs free-running magazines. I guess the quantity overcomes quality, comparing Dublin to Paris which is such a shame, presuming all that arty-farty reputation of the last one.
Anyways, the point of this blogpost wasn’t particulary singing ode to Totally Dublin, but one interesting ad that I found there. I was literally mesmerized by the simplicity of the concept (this is what I always look for in any piece of design, btw). So, you stop turning the pages, you start to read the ad itself. It evokes tradition, with it’s blue table canvas frame. It’s all in Caps, but you won’t notice that, because there is not much of the text itself. You swallow it quickly, because it’s SO delicious and you say “I want more!!! Where is the place?”

It’s damn hard thing to do this kind of add, because first of all not every client would approuve the reduced quantity of “customer’s attracting design elements”.Well,  what you’d mostly expect would be a magnified close-up of a meal  and the info about the restaurant in Script or smth like that.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to check that place soon 😉

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Make your choice

For those who struggle with type dilemmas this infographics might be very helpful

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Caution! 100% girly content

Downloading soundtrack from Drive I had this idea of integrating two things together : my favourite series of witty postcards flying around the net these days

and the message  Ryan Gosling is fcuking HOT!  Go and see that movie!

Just in case you didn’t know that or have any doubts on that matter

And here is what I’ve got in 5 minutes of clicking in Photoshop. (Oh, NO! I used Helvetica again!)

This week started with the discussion about the use of the typeface in Drive’s poster. On Friday I went to watch it  and ….Maaaan, this is A Movie to take its proud place in my DVD collection. Forget what they say about all that violence and blood, because the camera, light, sequences that they build with the music and slow motion (It’s pretty impressive how many new words, that I’ve learnt recently I actually use in a single sentence) is utterly brilliant. A real jewel in today’s trashy box-office.

Have a  quick look at this scene (see how the light goes down, creating a special intimacy, because afterwards u need to RUN  to the cinema and watch, what’s gonna happen next moment)

P.S a little goodie for you:

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