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totally Dublin


To tell the truth I was pretty impressed by the quality of Dublin’s event guide”Totally Dublin” (it’s a rare thing to see, believe it or not for the free print of this type) For two years of living in Paris I haven’t seen anything similar in three of theirs free-running magazines. I guess the quantity overcomes quality, comparing Dublin to Paris which is such a shame, presuming all that arty-farty reputation of the last one.
Anyways, the point of this blogpost wasn’t particulary singing ode to Totally Dublin, but one interesting ad that I found there. I was literally mesmerized by the simplicity of the concept (this is what I always look for in any piece of design, btw). So, you stop turning the pages, you start to read the ad itself. It evokes tradition, with it’s blue table canvas frame. It’s all in Caps, but you won’t notice that, because there is not much of the text itself. You swallow it quickly, because it’s SO delicious and you say “I want more!!! Where is the place?”

It’s damn hard thing to do this kind of add, because first of all not every client would approuve the reduced quantity of “customer’s attracting design elements”.Well,  what you’d mostly expect would be a magnified close-up of a meal  and the info about the restaurant in Script or smth like that.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to check that place soon 😉

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Ride like a Jedi

Grab tighter your light saber and dont’ miss your stop. This is how Japan met a advertising campaign of the “The Complete Star Wars Saga”  in Blu-ray.

Here is a tiny home assignment for you: calculate approximate impact this ad would have, knowing that fact that millions of passengers use Japanese metro on a daily basis…

Detailed statistics: Annual subway passenger trips (2006): 1) Tokyo (2.9 billion); 2) Moscow (2.6 billion); 3) Seoul (2.4 billion); 4) New York City (1.5 billion); 5) Mexico City (1.4 billion); 6) Paris (1.4 billion); 7) London (971 million);  Osaka (880 million); 9) Hong Kong (867 million); 10) St. Petersburg (810 million).

“It is the first time that the hand rails have been used in an advertising campaign in Japan, and is a fantastic use of promotional real estate. The effect is very well thought out and was generating a bit of chatter on the train amongst those riding.”

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Design samples

Its been a long time I haven’t used online blog software and forgot how easily the text you’ve been editing for hours could crash in a minute.

Thus, my Dears…

This would be a very short & boring post about my favourite design FULL STOP

Go & Check the slideshow above FULL  STOP

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PS: Dont’ forget to save your text body in a separate document before pasting it to the “new post” page FULL STOP

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