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Digital media mash

While reading my news feed this Sunday it was a tough choice to decide what exactly I want to communicate this Sunday. So, today in the menu I offer you  a “Digital Media mash”, a delicious mixed salad of all the fresh news in Digital world!

1. #ADVERTISING: Heineken Digital tree brags to be the biggest, the digitaliest Christmas tree. They build it with flat screens and connected it to social media pipe. You take your ipad, download an app and you Christmas wish will be seen by all Singapore.

2.#NUMBERS More about tablets! Interesting statistics appeared recently analysing the role of the devices in consumers household. We use it mostly in the evening in front of TV, why?More numbers, answers and Infographics included in the article.

3.#TALKS Profile customization Facebook downfall ?(It worked perfectly fine with Myspace *evil grin*)

4.#SOCIALMEDIA Learn for the best, the most successful advertising ideas of this year.

5 #SCIENCE “two biggest black holes, one billions of times more massive than our sun  discovered recently”, reports Guardian.

6. #FUN Specsavers? Gordon Ramsay?

Bon Appetit!

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In the beginning was the Word

Hip-hip hooray

Harley-Davidson Colombia together with “Publicis” Advertising Agency (Colombia) wish me a good start

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