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You stop it Alina, go and work!

I’m a huuuge faffing girl. When the work has to be done, suddenly I find a renewable energy website interesting, I get curious about the news in Ukraine, I dig my photo archives find an album I’ve already forgot and edit it. Creativity surpasses every logic of the desperate moment.
Radical thing to do-shut all the applications running, apart from text editor and block yourself from going on Tumblr.

Can the limit of time stimulate creative process?
Well, it definitely works for me

And here is my recent “fafff gallery”:
















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Creativity hour

Since I discovered PhotoshopLightroom/WacomBamboo/EnteredGriffindor I forgot what does it mean, to sleep at normal hours…

Well I’ve been always kind of late “late bird”: hating mornings, wishing everybody dies when the alarm clock rings. Usual stuff.

I would never.never.never believe those people who insist on the idea that a precious boost of creative energy happens in early hours of the day. ( a laughing troll’s face)

-“Wake up and smile, sunshine! Wakie–Wakie

It’s 6 am, take your pen and …Nobel Prize is in your pocket”

-Yeah right..  Excuse me I’m not Hemingway!

We’re  a “day-oriented” society, nothing would change that. I have to suffer all my life.

I only wish, that in my next life I would be upgraded to live an work at night!

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