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There is something in the air

… about creepy stuff this week.
Then it might be my subconscious reminding me about the approaching Halloween? Even though in the country where I come from it is artificially planted holiday and is kinda ‘fake’…

I bumped into so many design pieces somehow reminding me of blood this week. But something that I dug today was absolutely worth telling you about. Just have a lil bit of patience to read  this post till the end 😉

This Week’s Halloween Hit Parade:

3rd place
A poster for the new series :”American Horror Story”.

So many references combined here. Don’t you think? Looks epic though and I don’t how about you, but I’m already downloading its first episode

2nd place
Everybody is aware how immensely cool is my “french blood” ring.

1st place

“Bloody fountains”- truly genuine idea, applied for the different purposes in different years.

2007 – Blood in Trevi fountain to save polar bears (Italy)

2008 – The Greenpeace anti-whaling April from Leo Burnett (China)

2011- HBO dyed Romanian fountains. Don’t forget about new season of  “True blood, kids 😉

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