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So what will happen with the new changes in Facebook?

“Open Graph” integration could be a step towards the rest of the Web and at the same time lock our planet and with a single hub. It will control every single user’s action : reading blog or watching a movie, listening music and much more. Oh yeah, dear, there is no need to leave the borders of “the Empire”. (Sounds scary already? Hold on a bit.. We’re not there yet! )
Basically Facebook done a better job, than Google could do. The accessibility of the information and way it will be organized are pushed to the next level. Let’s face the reality IT IS massive data base, but not only (if we dive deeper)…
Facebook gets a fantastic advantage of knowing people intimately. Compared to Google, which is a flat, transactional machine, it becomes a greatest discovery engine ever.  First one, for example, “can’t tell if “lobster” means you want to read about lobster, cook a lobster, or find a lobster restaurant. And it certainly doesn’t have any way to correlate last week’s lobster recipe with this week’s. But Facebook can link all the activities together. It will know that you cooked a lobster and, further down the road, how well the meal went. It will then be able to include you in circles with other gourmands and seafood enthusiasts, and to offer you the opportunity for a host of customized shared experiences that only start with the kitchen. (“Facebook Boldly Annexes the Web”)

Couple of things about Google.
Google with its Google plus failed to be different. (Oh, come on, let’s finally accept it) They used the same idea and now, when the speed of changes is going higher and higher to succeed they need to introduce something completely different and innovative. The numbers of new users will certainly boost for a moment (with the open access to everyone), but then it could just become a dead territory.

And a little video to end up the story here is a little video for your attention:

Tom Anderson Why Facebook’s New Features are Good for Google+
Ben Elowitz “Facebook Boldly Annexes the Web”

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