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Did you buy you first digital camera and from time to time you practice taking pictures of the flowers in your garden and stunning sunset?

Awww, its so sweet! People leave comments under your pics on Facebook. Once you’ve even got 12 likes for a self portrait of sophisticated you, with a blinding halo of flesh in a mirror reflection. (Oh please!)

Our reality screams:

“Photography is gone, bitches! Don’t you dare calling yourself A Photographer!”

I get so much bored looking through the album photos of my friends who for some reasons became prominent pro’s in couple of years.  Making money, giving master-classes .

Fame?  My Jealousy? (Oh, please!)

There is not a slightest glimpse of depth in those captures. The only thing I can see through thousands of snaps is the undoubtful magic of Photoshop:  effects applied,  balance of white, composition. Digital perfectness you say?

With all that abusive usage of Black and White and so-called vintage filters? Stop throwing yourself from Terry Richardson to Lomography.


Once you’ve got it, shut up and learn from masters:

Why so mean?

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