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Patriotic photography

Since very long time I collect old photographs. Honestly speaking, I collect lots of things and very bad in organising them (if don’t want to have a hard attack, do not ever try to find something my hard drive)

I can spend the whole day at the flea market flicking through the piles of old pictures. In old times, pictures were taken for purpose. It wasn’t just a random pushing the button and then never printing that awful loads of useless snaps and  only stocking them in labyrinths of gigabytes. I think photography of nowadays lost its charm, sadly enough. In the way it exists today, it is either mainstream and average or venal, trying to push us something with its “polished” to ridicule Photoshop product.

My recent trouvaille is this beautiful collection of rare patriotic pictures from the times of WW I. Americans wanted to take a series of patriotic pictures evolving the collaboration of english & american artists, Arthur Mole and John D. And her is the result. Imagine the all the efforts that were done to get a single shot? (what if one of the soldiers sneezes at the right moment?)


More of this kind of photography art in this archive

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Aperture. Everything You Want To Know, But Were Afraid to Ask

Sounds familiar?

“You sit there and nod.  Try to look like you’re getting the point. Too shy to confront it once and forever!”

-Huh? Gotcha, Chicken!”

I’ve heard hundreds of times, I’ve read pile of manuals (and one for my camera too. couple of times), but if  earlier you would like to play it hard  with me you would ask me something like : “So, what the heck aperture is?”  or ” At what shutter speed do you normally shoot?”

And I would be like:

But as I say its time to confront your worst fears of depth of field and understand that fcuking aperture.

I bless my insomniac hours when of wondering around web and bumping into a truly wonderful stuff.  Today I found this amazing woman and it believe it or not, even if youareacompleteidiotlikeme 15 minutes of reading and you’ll fly at the  Olympus of photo art!

So won’t take any more of your time: Dive in!

Aperture, Shutter speed and  Shallow focus are ready to embrace you!

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Did you buy you first digital camera and from time to time you practice taking pictures of the flowers in your garden and stunning sunset?

Awww, its so sweet! People leave comments under your pics on Facebook. Once you’ve even got 12 likes for a self portrait of sophisticated you, with a blinding halo of flesh in a mirror reflection. (Oh please!)

Our reality screams:

“Photography is gone, bitches! Don’t you dare calling yourself A Photographer!”

I get so much bored looking through the album photos of my friends who for some reasons became prominent pro’s in couple of years.  Making money, giving master-classes .

Fame?  My Jealousy? (Oh, please!)

There is not a slightest glimpse of depth in those captures. The only thing I can see through thousands of snaps is the undoubtful magic of Photoshop:  effects applied,  balance of white, composition. Digital perfectness you say?

With all that abusive usage of Black and White and so-called vintage filters? Stop throwing yourself from Terry Richardson to Lomography.


Once you’ve got it, shut up and learn from masters:

Why so mean?

Photos courtesy

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