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Aperture. Everything You Want To Know, But Were Afraid to Ask

Sounds familiar?

“You sit there and nod.  Try to look like you’re getting the point. Too shy to confront it once and forever!”

-Huh? Gotcha, Chicken!”

I’ve heard hundreds of times, I’ve read pile of manuals (and one for my camera too. couple of times), but if  earlier you would like to play it hard  with me you would ask me something like : “So, what the heck aperture is?”  or ” At what shutter speed do you normally shoot?”

And I would be like:

But as I say its time to confront your worst fears of depth of field and understand that fcuking aperture.

I bless my insomniac hours when of wondering around web and bumping into a truly wonderful stuff.  Today I found this amazing woman and it believe it or not, even if youareacompleteidiotlikeme 15 minutes of reading and you’ll fly at the  Olympus of photo art!

So won’t take any more of your time: Dive in!

Aperture, Shutter speed and  Shallow focus are ready to embrace you!

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That was the second time I watched Helvetica Faces looks more familiar, I’m getting the designers jokes. (and whatever happens between today and March I’m going to see Sagmeister!)

Could the use of the typeface be abusive? Are we’re living in Helvetica’s hegemony?

Behind every piece of design lies its special meaning, 70% of the people that look at the piece would only judge it due to their personal preferences: “I like it”, “What a crap!” Only 20% of the folks would grin: “Yeah, Helvetica bold”. 5% of them would drag Iraq war and big corporation’s manipulation and would be right too. (Being too clever is scary and harmful for your health) But it’s still a damn.good.typeface.: Clear and Nice all the way round. So my answer is by the time we’ll have its decent substitution, use it wisely i.e:

Go and check the audience that will judge your work,  their taste & expectations.  Go and spend weeks torturing your creative imagination, coming up with THAT idea, read more books than blogs. And finally give your soul to any of the projects you do, anticipate and go beyond, even if its an ad for toilet spray.

Don’t go for easy way out:

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Ride like a Jedi

Grab tighter your light saber and dont’ miss your stop. This is how Japan met a advertising campaign of the “The Complete Star Wars Saga”  in Blu-ray.

Here is a tiny home assignment for you: calculate approximate impact this ad would have, knowing that fact that millions of passengers use Japanese metro on a daily basis…

Detailed statistics: Annual subway passenger trips (2006): 1) Tokyo (2.9 billion); 2) Moscow (2.6 billion); 3) Seoul (2.4 billion); 4) New York City (1.5 billion); 5) Mexico City (1.4 billion); 6) Paris (1.4 billion); 7) London (971 million);  Osaka (880 million); 9) Hong Kong (867 million); 10) St. Petersburg (810 million).

“It is the first time that the hand rails have been used in an advertising campaign in Japan, and is a fantastic use of promotional real estate. The effect is very well thought out and was generating a bit of chatter on the train amongst those riding.”

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