1984 by a Digital native

Let me clear one thing from the very beginning: I’m a pessimist, or may be a realist with an unauthorised doze of sarcasm. But I’m also a digital native, generation Z and floppy disk sound makes me feel nostalgic.

So once the question like “Internet is making us dumber”  is set, I struggle to find the exact answer I tear myself apart. Having all that power of knowledge on the tip of your fingers makes you feel smarter. But what happens when you laptop hard drive crashes?  Where all that superiority over machine is gone?

What is the first thing to do when you don’t know the answer? Google it! (To be more specific Generation Z prefers to “Google scholar it”): myriad of articles and researches of notorious psychologists, great expectations and predictions:” We’re all standing at the edge of Digital era. Time of unlimited opportunities…”

I don’t feel myself that smart anymore, I feel more like a guinea pig.


Because it is me. And it is really happening with me. Learning patterns, filtering of information. I taught my brain to filter to read through the line to skim the pages.  I look for the simplified, short review, condensed meaning.  Text should be bold when important, additional notes or emotive comments in italics or in different color. Still booooring, get me more MORE visuals, infographics preferably!  (I almost  hear, somebody’s whispering over my shoulder ‘This is what we call de-gra-dation, Alina…’)

Caramba! My time perceiving pattern is broken too!

There is no month and seasons for me, only day and night and 24 hours is never enough (Could we do at least 30, pleaaase?) I’ve noticed how I constantly rush myself: “Wasting time, yo could do more! Look you just missed that and you haven’t even heard of that” Twitter syndrom? Help! I definitely accumulate stress because of that.


‘But I DO lots of stuff at the same time!’- I find myslef an excuse. I have my googel reader getting fatter with new feeds, my tumblr dashboard is begging to be read, 4 unanswered emails. I manipulate in the world of distractions. I once even tried to set a program that block all the internet browsing and twitter account, but felt like trying to put a straitjacket yourself. (I’m stronger than that, I can resist!) But it looks like I did a false service to myself;  I learned how to switch attention without an actual concentration:

-‘Hi everybody! I’m a distracted attention junkie…’

-‘Hi-i-i-i-i-i-i, Alina!’

Are there any positives in this spoiling our minds computerized era?

I believe, Motivation & Enthusiasm.They say Gen Z might not be the best workaholics but they do their best to get the result they need, even if you study the whole night before the exam; You are driven by the result and not only. You have this idea that you can jump higher, that you know something that other don’t know yet, you’ve seen it first and shared to others. You go further, you never stop!

Creativity by all means! It couldn’t be killed in me by google, whatever  picture search algorithm they have nowadays. With all the massive data of visual inspiration on some of the greatest web resources like
, Fubiz, Designcollector From the altitude ‘I can’tdrawineverwentoartschoolblah-blah-blah’ I went to the altitude ‘Yes, I CAN’. I don’t know how this mechanism works in my head but after visiting those resources, looking though various technics and artists, new trends and classics interpretations I have a flow of my own ideas. Of course they are all compilation of those visuals, so what?

The final verdict – ” I officially cancel 1984 digital scenario”.

I do at the end. You are probably tired of reading and I’ll summarize my main thought. Even though we play these games with the technologies we invented nobody has even explain the main technological wonder of homo digitulus that once known as homo sapiens,  our brain! Times might change and we might live in the world ruled by Facebook, but we’re not getting dumber we’re not degradating, we move to the different level, we adapt to these conditions. Our mind simply invents a new algorithms, if you want.Look at these geeky teens of nowadays, some of them know the basics of HTML as an ABC. It’s fascinating! If we can’t understand something, if changes are happening too quickly for us that doesn’t directly mean that its a step backwards. Or may be it is, but only to make two steps froward!

(until we all die from a meteorite. end of story =D)

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Video of a one second only

We’ve done with the video production and I have a great competition to tell you about.

Its Mont Blanc (obviously there is some brand behind to give you a prize) this time and its only one second that you have to show to the whole world. What can you do for one second? Quite a lot of stuff, just have a look a the first round of posted works.

P.S Contest’s face is … Wim Wenders


Any volunteers? Jump here!

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You stop it Alina, go and work!

I’m a huuuge faffing girl. When the work has to be done, suddenly I find a renewable energy website interesting, I get curious about the news in Ukraine, I dig my photo archives find an album I’ve already forgot and edit it. Creativity surpasses every logic of the desperate moment.
Radical thing to do-shut all the applications running, apart from text editor and block yourself from going on Tumblr.

Can the limit of time stimulate creative process?
Well, it definitely works for me

And here is my recent “fafff gallery”:
















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Digital media mash

While reading my news feed this Sunday it was a tough choice to decide what exactly I want to communicate this Sunday. So, today in the menu I offer you  a “Digital Media mash”, a delicious mixed salad of all the fresh news in Digital world!

1. #ADVERTISING: Heineken Digital tree brags to be the biggest, the digitaliest Christmas tree. They build it with flat screens and connected it to social media pipe. You take your ipad, download an app and you Christmas wish will be seen by all Singapore.

2.#NUMBERS More about tablets! Interesting statistics appeared recently analysing the role of the devices in consumers household. We use it mostly in the evening in front of TV, why?More numbers, answers and Infographics included in the article.

3.#TALKS Profile customization Facebook downfall ?(It worked perfectly fine with Myspace *evil grin*)

4.#SOCIALMEDIA Learn for the best, the most successful advertising ideas of this year.

5 #SCIENCE “two biggest black holes, one billions of times more massive than our sun  discovered recently”, reports Guardian.

6. #FUN Specsavers? Gordon Ramsay?

Bon Appetit!

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Patriotic photography

Since very long time I collect old photographs. Honestly speaking, I collect lots of things and very bad in organising them (if don’t want to have a hard attack, do not ever try to find something my hard drive)

I can spend the whole day at the flea market flicking through the piles of old pictures. In old times, pictures were taken for purpose. It wasn’t just a random pushing the button and then never printing that awful loads of useless snaps and  only stocking them in labyrinths of gigabytes. I think photography of nowadays lost its charm, sadly enough. In the way it exists today, it is either mainstream and average or venal, trying to push us something with its “polished” to ridicule Photoshop product.

My recent trouvaille is this beautiful collection of rare patriotic pictures from the times of WW I. Americans wanted to take a series of patriotic pictures evolving the collaboration of english & american artists, Arthur Mole and John D. And her is the result. Imagine the all the efforts that were done to get a single shot? (what if one of the soldiers sneezes at the right moment?)


More of this kind of photography art in this archive

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Give him a beer already!

Ouf! That was a tough week! ( but something tells me all the best fun is only on the way…)

Soooooo kids, for this weekend’s visual diary I’ve decided to leave arty-farty pics for a while and post something silly. (Hope you’ll excuse me for that)

Seems like this beer campaign, created by creatives from Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, Australia was a perfect match!

My favourite comments on it :

“It hurts to look at him, give him the beer already!” (Hadrons)

“Is there a reason as to why they used couples that look like they stepped out of the 70s?” (Baelin)


Challenge an owl

“Hell, those bastards with wallets full of money are getting younger (spend more time reading Facebook feed), more spoiled and more ignorant to any of ours sly attempts  to sell something to them!” But we’re smarter than them. “Panem Et Circenses!”  that even worked in ancient Greece.

This is a tiny preamble of how I see all these “creative advertising, customer’s engaging strategies”.  One powerful marketing hook of our time.  Social media is the medium.

I’ll give you an example.

Twister is Funny game that will cost you a Like! on Facebook. Attention! basic knowledge of Spanish is required: “jugar”- “play”, “encende tu web cam clickeando aqui”- “turn on you cam, clicking here” .

Created by guys from BBDO, Argentina. It’s you against a little owl. the challge is who will stay longer without without blinking, because this very special owl has got superpowers from that special drink “The Pachamama” (capacity to go hours without blinking!)

Result: My best score: 10 seconds. Played and unfriended (Sorry, wise Pachamama!)


get inspired (flickr version)

If you haven’t seen the works of this guy… you haven’t ??? You must be joking.

Seriously? No clue?

I love the idea of the experimenting with font, giving a little bounce of colour and size contrast. Staying minimalistic in the way. Keeping it neat. (and just for the note: that doesn’t include Helvetica usage only).  I like messing  around with the vintage pictures and constant flickring through the ads archives like this one.

If you wonder how I find all this cool stuff and you still stay out tune, click on one of the GET INSPIRED tabs at the bottom of my blog. (Danger! Its massive time consuming territory)

/// btw my arty-farty friends you are also more than invited to my contact list

Social media and a goodie for the scholars

Whilst writing my report on a rise and  of social networking websites I came across this web service which reminds somehow of Zotero, but gives you way more of the advantages. Your are invited to meet Mendeley
They are in particular: downloading the pdfs of the articles itself or the mirror sites where you can find them, creating a referencing library and linking it to your Zotero…

Cute mac application could be quite handy too 😉

Happy surfing, pals 😉

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Hey girls, it smells like Paradise

Online gallery of fashion illustrations on magazine and book covers (constantly updated)

Treat yourself

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